The cardio, fitness, and strength center is a 4500sqft workout area with over 50 pieces of equipment for guests to create and meet their health goals.  Our equipment allows for beginner - advanced level guests to take advantage of both traditional and cutting edge workout experiences.  You can workout socially and competitively or singular and focused, all in the same environment.

Cardio Equipment

PRECOR 885 Adaptive Motion Trainer 

          Watch the video       Intro Workout

PRECOR 885 Elliptical 

          Watch the video       Intro Workout

PRECOR 885 Upright Cycle  

          Intro Workout

PRECOR 885 Recumbent Cycle  

          Intro Workout

          Intro Workout

EXPRESSO Upright HD Bike                         

          Monthly Challenges          Ghost Ride Video

EXPRESSO Recumbent HD Bike                   

          Leaderboard          Group Races

Concept2 Model D Rowers

Assault Fitness AirRunner

Assault Fitness AirBike - Elite

Weight Lifting Machines                

FREEMOTION Genesis Squat               

FREEMOTION GenesisDS Lift/Step

FREEMOTION GenesisDS Quad/Ham   

FREEMOTION Genesis Tricep                         

FREEMOTION Genesis Bicep                         

FREEMOTION Genesis Shoulder                     

FREEMOTION Genesis Chest                         

FREEMOTION Genesis Dual Cable Cross 

PRECOR Calf Raise                                       

PRECOR Smith Machine


Functional Fitness Training

          Intro Video      Superfunctional Workouts     
          Suspension Training     Workouts
Queenax Apps

Battle Rope     Rebounder     Mobile Parallels

Plyometric Platform      Flexibility Bar

Vertical Bar      Olympic Bar     CrossCore

Pull Up & Rack      Punching Bag 30KG Kit

Stairs Attack      Strong ++

Superfunctional      Torso Trainer

Up Strength      Suspension Abs Kit 

4Dpro Reaction Trainer     Stroops Son of Beast









View Court and Field Availability Here

Hours of Operation

Four80 Fitness 

Monday - Friday: 8am  - 12:30pm  3:30pm - 8pm
Closed Daily from 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am - 3pm


500 E 2nd St 

Front Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm

Saturday: 9am-3pm

Sunday: 12pm-4pm




Printable Registration Form


Membership Plans

Monthly Membership Rates                    

Individual     Res/$30 Non/$50                   

Couple         Res/$45  Non/$65                  

Family          Res/$60 Non/$80         

Day Passes            Res/$10 Non/$15      

*A family consists of 2 adults and children under 26yrs old living in the same household with verification of address.  The membership is for use of the Fitness Area.  The courts, rink, and turf are scheduled regularly for RARA programs, parties, and rentals.  Please contact if you are interested in renting the additional areas.

RARA Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor for RARA? Contact us today and see how you can become a sponsor! Call us today at 947-886-0007