Specialty Camps


REMINDER: Med Forms and Behavior Promise Forms need to be turned in the Wednesday before camp starts. You may drop the forms off at the RARA 500 Building or email them to csr@rararecreation.org. Forms can be found on RARA's website under Youth Recreation; Day Camps or you can get one at the RARA 500 Building Office. Your child will not be allowed to attend camp without a Med Form present.

2020 Summer Day Camp Medical, Photo, and General Liability Form

2020 Summer Day Camp Behavior Promise Form

2020 Summer Day Camp Walking Permission Slip


General Specialty Camp Information:

Campers need to be dropped off at the Stone Shelter at Bloomer Park. The Stone Shelter is the shelter with large stones on the left of the parking lot as you drive in. From there, campers will hang out at the park doing games, activities, crafts,etc. and be bussed to various locations throughout the week (Spencer Park, Field Trips, etc.; unless noted otherwise). At Spencer Park, activities will include a lake with a guarded beach, picnic area, play structure, and sports fields. A camp t-shirt is given on field trip day. Field trips are on Wednesdays; unless noted otherwise. A detailed schedule will be emailed to parents the Friday before camp starts and will be given to parents on the Monday morning of camp. Additional information can be found on our website.

Campers need to bring a bathing suit, towel, non-perishable lunch with their name on it, sunscreen, and a water bottle.

Ages: Varies From 6-13 years old             Price: Varies From $180 - $215

Camp is from 9:00am to 4:00pm.              Location: Stone Shelter at Bloomer Park

Field Trip list is coming soon!

Latchkey is provided for Specialty Camp from 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm (optional). Latchkey is an unstructured before/after camp care program and is $4 per hour per child. Latchkey is at Bloomer Park at the Stone Shelter. Parents will be billed for Latchkey separately from the camp cost. Bills go out the Monday or Tuesday after camp.

Specialty Camp Week Themes:

Adventureland Camp June 15-19: This camp brings out the adventure in your camper. They will spend the week going on adventures, exploring new worlds, making unique craft projects, and more. We will have something for everyone. Be prepared to explore and have lots of fun! Ages: 6-10 Click Here to register!

Survivor Camp June 22-26: Come to camp and learn to survive the elements! Learn how to take care of yourself out in the wild while completing challenges throughout the week. Build shelters with your imagination and work together to last the whole week! See if you can survive the challenging field trip our survivor campers will go on. Ages: 8-12 Click Here to register!

Amazing Race Camp July 6-10: Partner up with a camp friend or two and try to be the winning team. The week will be composed of different games, obstacles, and road blocks. By the end of the week, there will be a winning team. Be ready to run, think, and get dirty! For those kids that love a challenge. Ages: 8-13 Click Here to register!

Skill Builder Camp July 13-17: Campers will learn real life skills throughout the week at this fun and informative camp! Learn how to tie a tie, how to shake someone's hand, how to make change, how to have good manners, how to be a good babysitter, how to make a kid-friendly meal, and other basic life skills. Come to Skill Builder Camp to explore important life necessities! Ages: 8-13 Click Here to register!

Creation Station Camp July 20-24: This camp brings out the creativity in your camper. They will spend the week making tons of different craft projects. We will have something for everyone. Be prepared to get messy, go on a creative unique field trip, and have lots of fun! Ages: 6-10 Click Here to register!

DIY Camp July 27-31: Do It Yourself Camp! Come to camp and create your own crafts, games, activities, and challenges. Make up sports, rules, names, and more at this creative and imaginative camp! Ages: 6-10 Click Here to register!

Intro to STEM Camp August 3-7: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Each day, campers will work on popular projects that will peak your child’s interest and curiosity with hands on activities. Participation and fun are part of the program, designed as step one in your child’s road to the future of STEM. Ages: 8-12 Click Here to register!

Mission Possible Camp August 10-14: Campers, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have FUN! This week will be filled with exciting challenges, games, special missions, and surprise activities. Ages: 7-11 Click Here to register!



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