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RAYC Raptors 2022 Season:

Come join us on the trails this year for another exciting season of mountain biking. This program teaches off-road riding skills, safety, and etiquette through group rides, drills, games, and fun activities led by certified cycling coaches. Additionally the riders will be exposed to physical and mental challenges that will help them gain mental toughness.

RAYC 2022 Season Kick-Off Open House: Date and Time TBD


For this year there will be two paths riders can choose between the Adventure Club Level or the Raptors Race Team.

Adventure Club Level - New for 2022     Registraion Opens March 1, 2022

Riders registered for this group will have practices once a week. This is a recreational ride group that is focused on teaching off-road mountain biking skills safety, and trail etiquette through group rides, drills, games and fun activities for enjoyment and a less competitive atmosphere. Riders will receive a Club T-shirt.

Ride Night: Monday       Time: 6:00-7:45 pm

Price: $60 RARA Fee; $60 MISCA Fee

Season Starts: May 9th, 2022       Season Finishes: July 25th, 2022


Raptors Race Team     Registration Opens May 15, 2022

If your rider is ready to work on advancing their competitive skills and desires to be part of a traveling cross country mountain bike racing team, then look no farther. The Raptors team is composed of Rochester area student athletes from Grades 1-8. Riders will be actively training and working to improve their riding skills as well as their mental and physical fitness levels that are required for competition. Riders registering for the Race Team are expected to race in at least 3 of the MISCA race events that occur from August through October. Race Team riders should show dedication to the sport and have consistent attendance at team rides and practices. Riders will receive a Club T-Shirt and a Race Jersey.

Ride Nights: Monday and Wednesday       Ride Time: 6:00-7:45 pm

Price: $60 RARA fee in addition to $60 Club Fee and $60 MISCA fee (MUST sign up for all 3)

Season Starts: May 9th, 2022 (Mondays ONLY)  Then: June 20th, 2022 starts Monday & Wednesday rides

Season Finishes: October 19th, 2022


For Both Club and Race Team:

-Planned ride locations will be communicated in advance (subject to change based on weather/trail conditions).

-Our volunteer coaching staff is certified in CPR, First Aid, and MiSCA MTB coaching. 

-All riders must also register through the MiSCA Organization. Click Here to register with MiSCA. There is a $60 fee with MiSCA. Choose RARA Rochester Area Youth Cycling Club for your team.

-Equipment Requirements: Participants must provide a bike and helmet.  All bikes must be of a sufficient quality “Mountain Bike” type and must be kept in safe, reliable working order.  Bikes must be suitable for riding on rugged terrain, and single-track trails.  Bikes must be equipped with dual hand brakes, multi-speed drivetrains and appropriate tires to provide sufficient traction and safety on loose terrain.  Coaches reserve the right to exclude a rider if their equipment is deemed to be unsafe or consistently unreliable.

-Riders will typically be on the trail 6:15pm-7:45pm, however, ending times may vary and early and late season rides may be scheduled to accommodate reduced daylight hours. 

-Rides will be primarily at the following parks and alternate throughout the season: Stony Creek MetroPark, Addison Oaks, Bloomer Park, River Bends Park (in Shelby Twp. off  22 Mile Rd.), Bald Mountain North (other parks may be added)  Access to some of these parks does require an additional entrance fee, we recommend all families purchase an annual “Parks Perks Pass” for $64.  The Parks Perks Pass provides one year of unlimited access to eight Oakland County Parks as well as 13 Metroparks.

-To join our coaching/parent volunteer staff, visit to register ($30 fee) and choose “RARA Rochester Area Youth Cycling Club” for your team.

-If you would like to be a team sponsor and come for the ride with us please contact RARA to receive the information.  All sponsor’s logo will be on our club shirt and team jersey.


Click Here to register for the Adventure Club Team Opens March 1, 2022

Click Here to register for the Race Team (Make sure you are already registered for the Club first) Opens May 15, 2022

Click Here to be a sponsor for the RAYC Adventure Club and Race Team Opens March 15, 2022

Rochester Area Youth Cycling Club Sponsorships

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring the Rochester Area Youth Cycling Club, please contact Makayla Kroening at or 947-886-0082.

Sponsorship Cost: TBD

Company Logos will go on club t-shirts and team racing jerseys.

RARA Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor for RARA? Contact us today and see how you can become a sponsor! Call us today at 947-886-0007