Youth Basketball Lessons/Clinics

PHRD Advanced Basketball Clinic

6/17, 7/22, &/OR 8/5 | 10AM-1PM

$120(1 session) | $220(2 sessions) | $270 (3 sessions)


There are three aspects of basketball that every good player has: Mental Confidence, Total body Strength, and Basketball specific skills. Average players only have 1 or 2 of these, every good player has all three. Unlike many clinics and coaches that only focus on basketball skills this camp will address all of the areas that truly make a good player. Working on game situations, playing against pressure defense, how and when to be aggressive, how to handle contact, how to be a consistent shooter, working on your mentality and true confidence, improving your body and your strength, flexibility, balance, etc. Participants will also learn about exercises that they can do at home to help them improve on a consistent basis. Players will also receive a film analysis of their jump shot and feedback on how they can improve their shooting percentages. This is a series of 3 camps that will each be 1 day and 3 hours long for each camp.

These camps will be run by Paul Haynes who was a division 1 Honorable Mention All-American basketball player, tried out for 3 NBA teams and played basketball professionally in Germany, Austria, and Hungary in the Euro league (the same league which produced current NBA stars Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic). Working with him will be Ryan Duncan who coached at Madonna and Alma college and also played college basketball at Shawnee State in Ohio. He currently coaches and runs his own travel basketball program.

Whay makes this clinic unique:

- It puts players in game situations and gives them feedback which will help them make adjustments
- Film analysis of the jump shot
-They have almost 100% positive reviews from our prior events
-Their background and experience playing professionally and coaching in college allows them to speak from their own experience as both players and coaches. They can also draw on that experience and have the players do exercises that they have done and coached as pro players. It's a great opportunity for kids to be able to train and play like a pro and see what pro players are really doing behind closed doors

Who this camp would be good for? Any player who is not a beginner and already has a good basic understanding of the basic skills of basketball, but is looking to improve and advance their basketball skills, their total body strength, and their true mental confidence.


Check out Coach Haynes and Coach Duncan's Webiste for a more indepth look at some of their services.

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