Adult Performing Arts

Discover Your Stage: Adult Performing Arts

Adult Recital Classes (30 weeks):

At RARA, the stage welcomes adults to unleash their inner dancers. Our performing arts programs offer vibrant recital classes to nurture individual creativity and confidence through dance.

Begin your journey with our Tap or Jazz (Beginner/Intermediate) courses tailored to new students ready to take their first steps. Looking to progress? Our Jazz and Tap (Intermediate/Advanced) classes allow those with experience to expand their skills through technique challenges.

Our 30-week adult recital dance classes aim to build versatility, wellness, and community. Learn foundational techniques, apply skills in choreography, and perform in our end-of-year recital. Discover your inspiration under the lights.

Adult Non-Recital Classes (12 weeks):

For those looking for dance instruction outside of our recital program, RARA offers focused 12-week adult non-recital classes.

Develop your individual style in beginner-level courses like Hip Hop and Beginner Tap. Expand your skills and flexibility in Lyrical, or take Ballet Barre to focus on technique and grace. With shorter semester sessions, non-recital classes offer flexibility to supplement your training, maintain skills, or take a trial dance course. Most importantly, our classes provide an uplifting space for adults to destress and connect with others through the joy of dance.

At RARA, dance transforms lives. Through swaying melodies and graceful leaps we find deeper confidence, health, and purpose. Our adult performing arts program provides a welcoming space for creativity, growth, and connection.

Join us and rediscover the joy of movement. Expand your skills and uncover hidden talents. Build community and share traditions. Wherever you are on your dance journey, let our classes help you express your story. Take the first step and register today. A stage full of opportunity awaits. Together, we will move to live's rhythms, share our unique voices, and inspire one another along the way.