Youth Performing Arts

Discover the Magic of Performing Arts 
Youth Recital Classes

At RARA, the stage is set for creative expression. Our suite of performing arts programs invites children and teens to express themselves creatively through dance, music, and drama.

For our youngest performers, we offer imaginative classes like Dance Baby Dance, Tap & Toes, and Tumble & Tunes that use play, props, and movement to develop coordination and a love of performing. Budding dancers can also explore intro classes in tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and more to discover their passion.

Classes are tiered from beginner to intermediate, allowing dancers to build on their abilities. As skills progress, students can take on new challenges in genre-specific classes like ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, hip hop, and acro dance. For those who love to combine dance and cheer, our Pom classes teach spirited choreographed routines. Beyond dance, our Musical Theater class brings acting, singing, and dance together in exciting performances. We are also excited to be starting a Color Guard class where performers will use props to add color and motion to music.

Our 30-week recital dance classes aim to nurture creativity, confidence, and versatility. Students will learn foundational techniques, apply skills through choreography, and perform in an end-of-year recital. Every class in our Performing Arts Program provides a unique experience, allowing dancers to uncover their favorite styles while building versatility by experiencing the uniqueness of each genre. For new dancers, starting with ballet (the foundation for all dance styles) is recommended, yet exploring at least two styles is encouraged to broaden the dancer's experience and skill set. 

Youth Non-Recital Classes

At RARA, young dancers can discover the art of movement in a welcoming environment. We offer 12-week non-recital classes tailored to enhance creativity, coordination, and confidence through dance.

Our Dance with Me and Tiny Toes classes help toddlers experience the joy of dance with a parent or caregiver by their side. Little ones will start to move to rhythms and participate in imaginative musical activities. For preschoolers, Dance Baby Dance builds early dance skills with creative movement and lively steps. Tumble & Tunes combines music, tumbling, and imaginative play. Tap & Toes and Jazzy Toes introduce two dance styles in a fun combo class.

Young students can continue their dance exploration in non-recital Ballet, Jazz, and Acro. These classes focus on developing proper technique and control in a supportive setting.

With shorter semester sessions, non-recital classes offer flexibility to try new genres, maintain skills out of recital season, or supplement recital classes. Most importantly, our encouraging classes instill a love of dance and movement. Let your child leap, spin, and groove their way through a fulfilling dance experience!

At RARA, rhythms turn to melodies, steps become leaps, and movements shape stories. When you join our Performing Arts Program, you’ll develop new talents, find your voice, and unlock a deeper appreciation for the arts. Let your inner performer shine in our inclusive, welcoming environment! Explore our performing arts classes and register today.