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Elite Jazz Camp
Unleash your passion for dance at our Elite Jazz Camp hosted in Studio A at the RARA facility from 10am-3:30pm with Zach! This camp is tailored for aspiring dancers aiming to excel in the world of competitive performance. Dive deep into refining your jazz dance skills through a dedicated focus on technique, choreography, and artistic expression. Participants will engage in intensive training sessions, incorporating strength-building exercises to enhance performance prowess. Elevate your stage presence and polish your routines during this immersive experience, culminating in an exhilarating parent showcase where young talents will shine and captivate with their newfound skills. Join us for an inspiring journey and take the first steps towards a dazzling dance future!

Date: Tuesday 1/2
Location: RARA Studio A

Frozen Camp
Get ready for an enchanting adventure at our Frozen Camp—a three-day spectacular filled with wonder and dance magic! Join us at RARA in Studio A with Megan from 9:30am-12pm each day as we journey through the realms of ballet, jazz, and lyrical dance, discovering the fundamental techniques in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the world of Arendelle with crafts inspired by the beloved movie Frozen, igniting creativity and imagination. Beyond the dance floor, participants will bond through team-building exercises, fostering camaraderie and a sense of unity. This captivating camp is a perfect blend of dance exploration, creativity, and teamwork, offering young dancers a chance to learn, grow, and create cherished memories. Don't miss this opportunity to let the magic of Frozen inspire your dance journey!

Dates: Wednesday 1/3, Thursday 1/4, Friday 1/5
Location: RARA Studio A

Swifties Star Camp
Attention Taylor Swift fans and future superstars! Join us for an unforgettable three-day journey into the captivating world of Taylor Swift-inspired dance and creativity at our Swifties Stars Camp in Studio A at the RARA facility. Led by Megan from 1 pm to 3:30 pm, young talents aged 7-11 will delve into the essence of ballet, lyrical, and jazz dance infused with Taylor Swift's iconic style and flair. Unleash your creativity with a craft session inspired by the music sensation herself, igniting artistic expression and imagination. This unique camp offers the perfect harmony of dance exploration and artistic discovery, inviting campers to embrace their inner star power while grooving to Taylor Swift's tunes. Join us for an exhilarating experience at Swifties Stars Camp where young enthusiasts can dance, create, and shine like true stars!

Dates: Wednesday 1/3, Thursday 1/4, Friday 1/5
Location: Studio A

RARA Dance Open House
New year - new me! Join us at our upcoming Open House event where the door to your fitness and dance goals swings wide open! With a one-time registration fee, indulge in unlimited access to a diverse array of fitness and dance classes while mingling with our teachers in this 3 day event. Explore different styles, from dance to fitness, and meet local vendors showcasing their products and services. Engage in raffles and win exciting prizes, plus enjoy free giveaways upon registration! It's a day filled with fun, new connections, and opportunities to discover your passion. Mark your calendars and join us as we unlock the doors to a world of wellness, creativity, and community!

Dates: Wednesday 1/3, Thursday 1/4, Friday 1/5
Location: RARA

Galentine's Ball
Get ready for an enchanting evening at the RARA facility in Studio A from 5 pm to 7 pm, hosted by the fabulous Zach, for an exclusive Adult Galentine's Day Ball filled with tap dancing and elegance! Join us for a night of rhythm and style—dressed in your formal or semi-formal attire, tap into the festive spirit and celebrate the bonds of friendship. With the charismatic beats of tap dancing, sway and groove through the night, savoring every moment of camaraderie and joy. This evening promises laughter, fun, and the perfect opportunity to celebrate friendship in a captivating and chic atmosphere. Save the date and join us for an unforgettable evening of tap dancing and delightful company!

Date: Sunday 2/11
Location: RARA Studio A

Love Bugs Camp
Join us for a delightful Love Bugs Camp, at the RARA facility. This enchanting camp invites little ones to a whimsical musical theater-style dance adventure where love takes center stage in the month of February. Through imaginative storytelling, fun props, and joyful movement, participants will immerse themselves in a magical world of love-themed dance exploration. Led by our nurturing instructors, this delightful camp sparks creativity, fosters motor skills, and brings smiles to little faces. It's an opportunity for our Love Bugs to dance, play, and celebrate the joy of movement in a fun and heartwarming environment. 

Dates: Monday 2/19, Tuesday 2/20, Wednesday 2/21
Location: RARA Studio A

Spring Into Dance Camp
Embark on a three-day dance adventure at our Spring Into Dance Camp.  Over three enriching days, dancers will immerse themselves in the world of movement and rhythm, exploring a different dance genre each day. From the elegance of ballet to the infectious energy of jazz, participants will discover the nuances and joy of each style. Led by our experienced instructors, this camp fosters creativity, confidence, and a love for dance in a welcoming and supportive environment. Join us as we spring into the world of dance, unlocking the magic of movement and expression!

Dates: Tuesday 3/26, Wednesday 3/27, Thursday 3/28
Location: RARA Studio A

Bunny Hop Camp
Delight in a magical dance experience at our Bunny Hop Camp, designed especially for our youngest dancers aged 2-3, hosted by the talented Juliann at the RARA facility in Studio A from 11 am to 1 pm! Join us for a whimsical musical theater-style dance adventure filled with props, imaginative movements, and joyous creativity. Little ones will hop, skip, and twirl through a delightful world of music and movement, exploring the magic of storytelling through dance. Led by our nurturing instructor, Juliann, this camp fosters imagination, coordination, and the pure delight of dance in a playful and supportive environment. Join us for the Bunny Hop Camp and watch your little ones hop into a world of dance and wonder!

Date: Thursday 3/28
Location: RARA Studio A