Youth Golf Lessons
September-December Programming comes out August, 1st 2024

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Come experience the joy of learning to play the great game of golf. Your child will get to know the basics of putting, chipping, and full swing while making new friends. Golf promotes patience, perseverance, sportsmanship, and confidence. Coach Andy is certified with U. S Kids Golf which specializes in making the game fun and allows each kid the ability to learn at their own pace.

 Golf Lessons will return in our September-December 2024 Programming  coming August 1st.

Location: RARA Wright Room  

January-April 2025
Beginner Golf Lessons (Ages 6-12) January-April 
Intermediate Golf Lessons (Ages 6-12) January-April 

May-August 2024

Our RARA Golf Lessons do not run in the summertime. Please check out our other seasons for lessons. 

September-December 2024

Beginner Golf Lessons (Ages 6-12) September-December
Intermediate Golf Lessons (Ages 6-12) September-December

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