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Class emphasizes safety and respect for others while being fun as well. Beginner judokas will learn to fall safely, as well as master the fundamentals of basic judo (throwing and pinning; there are no kicks or punching) and can eventually earn belt ranks. Just wear long sleeve sweats tops and bottoms. Classes are taught by a certified USJF black belt with over 30 years of teaching experience, including 7 years in adaptive programming.
Judo (3-6 Years) May-August 

Youth Judo (6-12 Years) May-August
Adult Judo (12+ Years) May-August

Judo Punch Passes (All Ages)
The Judo Punch Pass is available for drop-in Judo class participants. Each pass grants participants 5 Judo class visits. Please scan your Judo Punch Pass barcode at the front desk upon arrival to each class.
To purchase a Judo Punch Pass, please click on the "Judo Punch Pass" above, then create an account or login to your existing account. Next, choose the "Purchase Membership" option, click on "Purchase Punch Pass," and choose the Judo Punch Pass. 

Saturday Morning Judo (12+)
You can only attend these classes with a purchased Judo Punch Pass (see above). 


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We offer the Tiger Cubs classes for ages 4-6 yrs. This program offers young ones their first peek into martial arts. In this program, they will learn to develop motor skills while learning simple martial arts movements and techniques in a fun "no pressure" class. The main goal of this program is to help improve focus, discipline, confidence, and self-control that the younger children need. Students can purchase uniforms if they would like to but it's not necessary.

 Tiger Cub's Tae Kwon Do (Ages 4-5)
Coming August 1st, 2024

This program is for 6 yrs and up. These classes are recommended for the students who really want to understand and learn martial arts. It is a more rigorous and intensive program than the Tiger Cubs. It is considered the traditional martial arts program. Students can purchase uniforms if they would like to but it's not necessary.

Youth Tae Kwon Do (Ages 6-13)
Coming August 1st, 2024