Adult Martial Arts

Adult Judo

Class emphasizes safety and respect for others while being fun as well.  Beginner judokas will learn to fall safely, as well as master the fundamentals of basic judo (throwing and pinning; there are no kicks or punching) and can eventually earn belt ranks.  Just wear long sleeve sweats tops and bottoms. Gis (uniforms) can be purchased from the instructor when the participant decides on a gi. Classes are taught by a certified USJF black belt with over 30 years of teaching experience, including 7 years in adaptive programming.

Intro to Judo & BJJ: Women Only
Sometimes it’s challenging to learn and train for martial arts in a mixed setting so this class will be for women participation only. Participants will learn how to fall safely, as well as basic judo throwing and BJJ holds and submissions. Training will burn some calories, improve your balance, strength, flexibility and confidence as you also learn a new discipline. Just wear sweat pants and shirt. A uniform can be purchased if you desire.
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