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Wessen Indoor Tennis Club
If you are looking for Tennis training at any age, we partner with Wessen to give residents the best opportunity for participation.  If you are new to the sport, an experienced league player, or looking for a workout, Wessen will have a program for you.

Registration is offered through their website: Wessen Indoor Tennis Club

Cornhole League
This league is a social Cornhole league. You will play 3-4 games each night against opposing teams. We will have a final (seeded) tournament to determine the winners of the league!
Champs and Runner Up get our fancy Tournament Championship League Shirts and the winner will receive the Bottle Top Trophy.

The Official Cornhole League Rules
1. Teams are comprised of 2-4 players. If a team consists of more than 2 players, 2 people must be selected to play each game. Teams may rotate who plays each game in a match but cannot be rotated within a single game.
2.  At the start of a match, one member of each team will play one round of rock, paper, scissors to determine who throws first. Each round the team who scored points on the previous round will throw first. Teams must also select a bag color.
3.  Teammates stand on opposite sides, not next to each other.
4.  Teams will alternate throwing until all 8 bags have been thrown.
5.  The thrower can not cross the front foot line of the board. If the line is crossed while throwing the bag is removed from play and the turn is lost. Throwing out of turn will also result in the disqualification of that throw.
6.  Each bag thrown into the hole scores 3 points. Each bag thrown onto the board scores 1 point. Once all bags have been thrown the round score is determined by the difference of all points scored. For example, if Team 1 throws 1 bag in the hole and 1 bag on the board they score a total of 4 points. If Team 2 throws 1 bag in the hole they score 3 points. The final score for the round would be Team 1 scoring 1 point (4-3=1).
7.  Bags that hit the floor then bounce onto the board do NOT count and should be removed from the board.
8. Each match will played until one team wins 2 games. Games are played to 21 (you do not have to hit 21 exactly).

RARA staff will be on-site to help manage play. Match scores must be self-kept and reported to RARA staff when a match is completed.

Subs & Forfeits
Each team is allowed 2-4 players. If a teammate cannot come, a substitute player may be used. If all players cannot make it, try to send at least two people to sub.
If your team forfeits a match during the season, the following rules apply:
  • First Offense: Loss of all games and warning issued.
  • Second Offense: Loss of all games and RARA reserves the right to remove team from playoffs with no refund for games not played.
  • Third Offense: Automatic removal from the league with no refund for games not played.
Why so harsh? Because if you don’t show, the other teams will not be able to play.
If you know in advance that your team will be forfeiting a match, you are required to email us at .

The first 5 weeks are the regular season, which teams will use to establish a regular season record. These records will be used to make a tournament bracket for the final week. All teams play!
Click Here  for league registration information including dates, times, location, and prices.

Greater Rochester Open Tennis Tournament

The Greater Rochester Open is a non-sanctioned tennis tournament for participants in the following age categories:
Men's Open, Mens 40+, Mens 55+, Mens 70+, Womens USTA 3.0 Under, Women's USTA 4.0 Under, Men's Doubles, Senior Mens Doubles 55+, Womens Doubles, Mixed Doubles.

Matches will be played at Rochester Municipal Park Tennis Courts.  Matches will be played after 6pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Finals will be played Saturday. 
Men's events will begin Wednesday evening.
All other events will begin Thursday or Friday evening. All matches will be 2 out of 3 sets; Ten minute warm-up.
Adult tournament start times:
Men's Open Singles and doubles start Wednesday evening.
All other categories start Thursday or Friday (depends on the size of the draw)
A recreation coordinator will be calling everyone with their actual start time.
For example, the Men's open singles event starts at 6:00  but an individual may not be scheduled for their start time until 7:45. 
Click Here  for tournament registration information including dates, times, location, and prices.