Sport Clips New Partner with RARA on the Gift of Play: iPlay@RARA Scholarship Fund

We are so excited to announce a great new partnership with Sport Clips for 2024. Although we have worked with Sport Clips in the past on various things, this year, we decided to do something a bit different and exciting. 

Sport Clips of Rochester Hills - Barclay Square located at 2587 S Rochester Rd in between Vitamin Shoppe & Crumble Cookies. Sport Clips not only can give amazing haircuts by licensed cosmetologists, they also have their MVP Haircut Experience. There’s something about the MVP Experience that you just can’t put into words. Introducing their custom-blended scent of eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile on a perfectly steamed hot towel, awesome haircut, invigorating shampoo, neck and shoulder treatment. It takes a haircut and turns it into an event. It takes your day and turns it into a mancation. It will have you walking out feeling ten feet tall, with confidence that says, “Bring it on.” It's something you don't want to miss out on and will keep coming back for more. 

Together, we decided that it was important to really get some money into our iPlay@RARA Scholarship Fund and giving the Gift of Play. The iPlay@RARA Scholarship fund offers scholarships to help our residents participate in recreational programs and activities that enhance camaraderie, culture, and well-being for all.  It gives everyone a chance to play and participate even if they don't have the funds. 

Sport Clips decided to create two coupons that could benefit the Gift of Play Scholarship Fund. One, NEW customers to Sport Clips will get a FREE MVP Haircut Experience and $3 of that coupon redeemed, will go toward the scholarship fund. Two, RETURNING customers will get a coupon for $3 off their next MVP Haircut Experience and $3 will also get donated back to the scholarship fund. This not only means that more children will be able to participate in our programming here at RARA in the Greater Rochester Area, but it will enhance community and well-being in families too. 

Please click here for SPORT CLIPS COUPONS and redeem your coupon while also helping out families in need.